Three societal areas of concern were considered while compiling information on each of the key factors. These primary societal areas are: environmental stewardship, Economic recovery, and recovery from major shocks like COVID-19. The global climate crisis, economic instability and recession, and the myriad of health and other impacts brought about by COVID-19 underscore the need for innovative and proactive strategies to create resilient communities that protect and bolster wellbeing. These societal areas of concern present unique considerations, challenges, and opportunities to support healthy homes and healthy communities now, and into the future. Watch for the following icons on each factor page, to learn more about how these areas are related to each factor.

Environmental Stewardship

  • Environmental stewardship refers to the sustainable use and protection of our natural environments.
  • Environmental stewardship involves the interaction between the environment and human health.
  • Environmental stewardship addresses key issues associated with climate change, air quality, clean and safe drinking water, noise pollution, odour, light, microbial pollution and control, and adequate waste management.1

Summary of key considerations for environmental stewardship

Economic recovery

  • Economic recovery is related to building resilient Local economies that can support people through unexpected events and societal shocks such as a global pandemic, community disaster (e.g., from a flood, ice storm, or forest fire) or economic recession.
  • Healthy and sustainable Economic recovery and development is a foundation for community initiatives that support positive social environments, promote Social cohesion, and a sense of community belonging.2

Summary of key considerations for Economic recovery

COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery

  • Major shocks such as COVID-19 require community and individual resilience to overcome and recover from adverse events and prolonged upheaval or change.3,4
  • The pandemic recovery and rebuilding process is not necessarily linear with specific designated points in time.5
  • Governments, multi-sectoral coordination and partnerships, and financial renewal all play key roles in societal pandemic recovery.5

Summary of key considerations for COVID-19 pandemic recovery